Stock# BG-FSSIG1911R-CL-1

Price: $55.86

Holster Molding Prop

for  SIG 1911 with Rails Nitron Cocked and Locked

Professional holster makers know that the safest, cleanest and least damaging way to create a holster for a valuable handgun is to use a holster molding prop. Bluegun® holster gun molds are a popular standard for professional holster making because of their realistic size and shape. Molding gun props can be used to create unlimited holsters with as they are highly durable and resist deformation. Because they are precision copies of the original weapon's size and shape, they help to create a precise fitting holster without damaging the finish of a valuable handgun in the process.

If this model is being used as a holster molding prop, we recommend using a dowel rod or similar for creating site channel clearance.

Manufacturer - Bluegun®
Holster Molding Prop (Cocked and Locked)
Gun Model -  SIG 1911 Nitron with Rails Cocked and Locked
Finish - Matte

(NOTE: Images below showing sample completed holsters are for display only. Please refer to product specifications above for accurate model information.)


Manufacturer: Bluegun®

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