The CKK Original Design
Master Series Sheath/Holster
Rivet Flaring Press

Own the Original!
Get the flaring performance that you expect!

The CKK Master Series Rivet/Eyelet Flaring Press design was invented hold our industry standard rivet flaring dies securely while providing the controlled pressing force necessary to "roll fasten" thermoform eyelets (commonly called, "Kydex Rivets"). Combined with our legendary flaring dies, our press model (above) is the best selling, best value and best performing Kydex Rivet Flaring System of all time!

The professional flaring press (used with optional dies) will help you create the perfect flare side" on your rivet fasteners to help you add that "professional touch" to your sheath and holster work. Other systems split the head of the rivet (eyelet), creating an unattractive, amateurish effect to the final sheath product and they are less secure.

Flaring systems that do the proper "roll-over fasten" to these rivets can cost as much as $600 dollars and are very hard to find. Our CKK rivet flaring press (and available 3/16" and 1/4" dies) are professional grade tools and will finish the rivets on your sheaths with a presentation grade finish.

22 LBS
Packed in preservative

*This press only works with our Master Series Dies (available in 3/16" and 1/4").
* Sold Press Only
* Please note that the bottom plate on our rivet flaring press is a free-floating design. No roll pin will be provided for the bottom die plate, as the design requires self-alignment for proper head flaring. 


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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