This is the Steyr Cook's Mold series offered by by Cook's Molds are molding props that are used for making thermoform plastic and custom-fitted leather holsters. These holster molding props are made from a proprietary plastic/urethane resin composite. They are well-made, strong and water resistant. Cook's Molds are made by a professional holster maker and are molded from an accurate live model. Cook's Molds often come in two modification types. These two types of holster making models include the natural and prepped versions. The natural holster molding prop version represents a more traditional look to the molding props for the Steyr gun models. The prepped holster molding prop version offers a specially modified model designed exclusively for KYDEX® holster making. Each prepped Cook's Mold has been modified to improve the fit-up of the holster. The site area has a molded channel for clearance. And the trigger area has been filled-in for improved draw and re-holstering. Other clearance channeling has been added where needed for maximum holster performance. Cook's Molds are excellent KYDEX® holster molding props. These holster making drones are designed and manufactured with the professional holster maker in mind. Try one of these holster making props for your Steyr gun models.
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Cook's Molds - Holster Molding Prop - for Steyr M9A1/M40A1 (Magazine)

Cook's Gun Molds
Holster Molding Prop

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