Cook's Gun Molds
Holster Molding Prop
for Springfield Hellcat w/Viridian C5 - 9mm (Prepped)
Cook's Gun Molds are weapon molding props that are used for making thermoform plastic and custom-fitted leather holsters. These gun molding props are made from a proprietary plastic/urethane resin composite. Theese gun molds are well-made, strong and water resistant. Cook's Gun Molds are made by a professional holster maker and are molded from an actual live weapon.

Cook's Gun Molds are excellent KYDEX® holster molding props. These holster making gun molds are designed and manufactured with the professional holster maker in mind.

Manufacturer - Cook's Gunmold
Holster Molding Prop
Gun Model - Springfield Hellcat w/Viridian C5 - 9mm (Prepped)
Finish - Matte



Manufacturer: Cook's Gun Molds

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