This value combo kit includes the #6 eyelet hand setter tool plus (100) 6-9 black eyelets.

#6 Eyelet Setting Tool (Includes Base & Ram)
It is designed to create a "rolled" finish on 3/16 inch eyelets. This set comes with both the eyelet ram and base. To use, simply align the pre-rolled portion of the eyelet in the base cup and apply gentle tapping pressure with a hammer. If you don't mind doing the extra handwork, this economy flaring tool will keep your project cost low and your need for bench space at a minimum. Excellent eyelet flaring results can be produced with minimal practice.

#6-9 Eyelets (100 Pack)
These are the industry standard 3/16" inch diameter flaring eyelet/rivet used in making thermoform sheaths and gun holsters. These professional grade eyelets are designed to roll over perfectly with our Rivet Flaring Die System.

Model: Eyelet Hand Setter + (100) #6-9 Eyelet Combo Kit
Fits Eyelet Size: (#6) (3/16 Inch Eyelet Diameter)
Precision Stainless Steel Parts (Heat Treated)
Setter Includes: (1) Base + (1) Ram
Eyelets Include: (100) #6-9 Black Coated Eyelets (3/16 Inch Diameter)
Made in USA



Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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