These are an assortment of our most popular black EPDM rubber silencing/retention washers. These are commonly used with TLMAB mounting posts, chicago screws, slotted posts and other 3/16" diameter sheath and holster mounting assemblies. They are used to cushion, silence, and provide retention adjustability between the contact points of holster edges and mounting attachments. We've tested many existing brands of washers. Only the HOLSTEX® brand are high enough quality to be considered our preferred choice. They are the industry standard in custom KYDEX® holster making, and are universally endorsed by professional holster and sheath makers around the world. HOLSTEX® brand EPDM synthetic rubber is a bit more rigid than neoprene and allows less flex between the attachment and the holster/sheath. This is preferred by most professional custom KYDEX® holster and sheath makers.

EDPM Synthetic Rubber Holster Attachment & Retention Washer Assortment Combo
Durometer = 60
Color = Black
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .065 Thick
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .125 Thick
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .187 Thick
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .250 Thick
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .375 Thick
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .480 Thick
(10ea) .500 OD x .180 ID x .625 Thick

(1 QTY = 70 Washers)


Manufacturer: HOLSTEX®

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