This is the Holster Mounting Plate (HMP) in Tumbled Aluminum finish. The HMP is an universal holster attachment mounting system that allows for the ability to swap mounts quickly without fumbling with the posts on the inside of the holster. It attaches to the holster using two mounting points that are 2.60 inches apart. The Holster Mounting Plates has nine attachment points that accommodate for industry standard hole spacing in common holster attachments (Blackhawk, Bladetech, G-Code, Safariland, BOSS, and etc.) and allows for custom attachment positioning. Those holes are threaded for direct mounting with 8-32 screws. These attachment points feature more thread contact for your mount screws, providing stronger and longer lasting connections. 

The Holster Mounting Plate also acts as a rigid spacer. The benefit of it being a spacer is to step the holster attachment away from the holster to clear body armor, secure level 2 mechanisms, and improve overall speed of the draw on competition shooting. The Holster Mounting Plate is a 0.280 inch thick 6061 aluminum plate. Holster makers find the HMP beneficial for ease of assembly, creating two hole ambidextrous holsters, and using these as a very solid mounting surface for level 2 mechanisms.

Holster Mounting Plate (HMP)
Material: 6061 Extruded Aluminum
Finish: Tumbled Aluminum
Length: 3.50 inches
Width: 2.00 inches
Thickness: 0.280 inches
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Sold Individually


Manufacturer: Milwaukee Custom Kydex

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