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Holster Molding Prop

for M&P 9mm M2.0 (4.25) (Prepped)

Professional holster makers know that the safest, cleanest and least damaging way to create a holster for a valuable handgun is to use a molding prop. HolsterMolds® brand are designed for precise holster forming and offer realistic size and accurate retention points. HolsterMolds® can be used to create virtually unlimited holsters with and are easy to use in press-forming, vacuume-forming as well as wet forming. Because they are precision copies of the original weapon's size and shape, they can be used to create a perfect holster without damaging the finish of a valuable handgun in the forming process.

As an added bonus, we ship all HolsterMolds™ molding props with (1) 6" x 3/16" dowel rod for optional holster clearance modification by user.

Manufacturer - HolsterMolds®
Holster Molding Prop
Gun Model - M&P 9mm M2.0 (4.25) (Prepped)
Finish - Matte
Dowel Rod (for optional clearance modification) = Yes (1) 6" x 3/16"

(NOTE: Images below showing sample completed holsters are for display only. Please refer to product specifications above for accurate model information.)



Manufacturer: HolsterMolds®

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