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HOLSTEX® thermoform sheet is the most advanced material available for holster and sheath making use. This texture variant is called, "Basketweave", and features a 3D textured surface that is compatible with the basketweave textures commonly seen on Law Enforcement belts, Police duty gear and other custom leather items. This texture is not to be confused with the current Basketweave KYDEX® sheet, which is an aftermarket basketweave texture applied to normal KYDEX® sheet stock. Unlike basketweave KYDEX®, HOLSTEX® Basketweave texture is a revolutionary step forward in the available texture options for professional sheath and holster makers. It is available in multiple thicknesses and colors, and is offered in format sizes up to 4’ x 8’ sheets.

The 3D texture on HOLSTEX® Basketweave is a raised surface texture and does not distort or fade with forming like the aftermarket KYDEX® basketweave texture currently on the market. HOLSTEX® basketweave forms exceptionally well at normal thermoforming temperatures (325ºF - 375ºF). It does not distort at the higher ends of the heating range, and can be easily molded using both press-form and vacuum-forming equipment.

Product Specifications
HOLSTEX® Basketweave
Premium DIY Thermoform Sheet
Texture (Front/Rear) = Basketweave/Smooth
Thickness = .125
Size: 8" x 12"
Color - Blood Red

Some images below may show this texture in other colors. Please check the main product image and/or specifications for the the actual color.

We offer custom colors, prints, thicknesses and cuts on all thermoform materials. If you have a special project need, please contact us for assistance and/or details.


Manufacturer: HOLSTEX®

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