Over 400 Licensed Graphic and Infused Camo KYDEX® Designs In-Stock at Holster Smith


   As the largest supplier of thermoform sheet material to the world-wide sheath and holster industry, HolsterSmith.com Infused KYDEX® USA Graphics division offers over 700 licensed and in-house KYDEX® infused graphic sheet designs. These custom KYDEX® patterns are not simply printed on top of the thermoform sheet; they are infused into the sheet itself, making the infused KYDEX® graphic sheet colors much more vibrant and your finished custom KYDEX® holster, sheath and/or other product highly scratch resistant.

We hold the licenses to put infused patterns on KYDEX® thermoform sheet and other thermoforming plastics with dozens of graphics companies, many of which are worldwide exclusive licenses. This is because the licensors know that we produce the highest quality infused KYDEX® product on the planet, bar none. In addition, because we have the licenses to put the infused graphics on the raw KYDEX® sheet material, you pay no additional royalties when you use our infused graphic sheet to produce a finished product. All the licensing is included in the price of the material.

We hold licenses with the following companies for all of their graphic and camo patterns. Bone Collector™, BullGator®, Canebrake™, Freedomflage®, HexCam™, KINGS®, Kryptek®, Mossy Oak®, Realtree®, Reaper™, Riptile Camouflage®, SIRPHIS®, The Mountain Viper™, Treezyn, TrueTimber®, and Venomous™. In addition, we have hundreds of our own infused KYDEX® creations, such as our Graveyard camouflage™ and patriotic series, as well as many standard infused graphic camo KYDEX® sheet patterns known around the world.


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