Over 23 Standard Colors and 400 Licensed Graphic and Infused KYDEX® Prints In-Stock at Holster Smith

At HolsterSmith.com, our KYDEX® thermoform sheet line includes 23 standard colors and 100's of infused graphic camos and licensed prints. We feature more licensed KYDEX® camo patterns than all other competitors combined.

We currently maintain licensing agreements with Bone Collector™, BullGator®, Canebrake™, Freedomflage®, HexCam™, KINGS®, Kryptek®, Mossy Oak®, Realtree®, Reaper™, Riptile Camouflage®, SIRPHIS®, The Mountain Viper™, Treezyn, TrueTimber®, and Venomous™. CKK infused graphic KYDEX® materials are second to none in the industry. Our industry leading infusion process showcases vivid color and maximum scratch resistance across our thermoform sheet graphic lineup.

We sell KYDEX® thermoform sheet in three standard thicknesses (.060, .080, .093 and .125 inches) and in sizes from (8x8 inches) to (4x8 feet). We also work with KYDEX® customers, graphic designers and companies to create custom KYDEX® sheet colors, licensed infused graphic prints, licensed infused camos and custom infused company logos. Our standard grade of holster making KYDEX® is type-T, the premium thermoforming grade.

We also offer type-100 and the recycled discount KYDEX® sheet grade of type-V on special order request. Minimums may apply on some custom material runs.

If you're uncertain about how to get started working with KYDEX®, check out our holster and sheath making instructional videos here: KYDEX® Holster Making Videos

To get started, choose one of the below KYDEX® sheet options:

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