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As an authorized Cook’s Gun Molds distributor, stocks the full line of holster molding products offered by Cook’s. We carry all 450 Cook’s Gun Holster Molds representing many of the most popular handgun models from 35 of today’s top gun manufacturers.

Cook’s Gun Molds are highly respected by the professional holster making community. They are gun molds for holster making that are designed and manufactured by a working holster maker from actual live weapon forms. Each Cook’s Gun Mold is specially modified to offer clearances on common holster restriction points and to offer retention where needed on the holster for proper fit, carry safety and draw.

Cook’s holster making molding guns are made from a highly durable material that can withstand the rigors of KYDEX® thermoforming temperatures, as well as the stresses of pressing and holster forming. They are water resistant and can be sanded and drilled for further modification. Cook’s Gun Molds for holster making are a quality product that will perform well and help you produce top quality custom made holsters for each model available. They work equally well with KYDEX®, HOLSTEX®, Boltaron@ and leather.

To get started making a custom holster for your handgun model, click the manufacturer links below to find your Cook’s Gun Mold for holster making:

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