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QLH Gun Molds are fully-prepped holster molding props. They are high quality copies of the actual live weapons that they represent. With the trigger guard, ejection port, site channel and other protrusions filled-in, they make it easier to form a KYDEX®, HOLSTEX®, Boltaron® or leather holster that offers improved retention, draw and re-holstering.

QLH holster molding props can withstand the daily rigors of professional holster making. They are made from high-performance aluminum resin and are water-resistant. As an authorized QLH gun mold distributor, offers their full line of holster making firearm molds.

QLH molding props can be sanded and drilled for further modification. Highly respected by professional holster makers, QLH molds can be found in holster making shops all over the world.

To find your QLH gun mold, select your firearm model from the links below:

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