G-CODE Molle Clips securely attach your components to your gear and latch tight by sliding the ˝Locking Collar˝ in place. An audible ˝Click˝ signals positive closure. The G-CODE Molle Clip locking mechanism prevents any chance for an unintended release of the collar. However, the design allows ˝tool free˝ manipulation for easy adjustment of your gear in the field.

Minor adjustment in the carry height of your gear can be made by adjusting your clip mount to the upper or lower hole pattern. Additional adjustment can be made by running the system ˝Collars up˝ or ˝Collars down˝. Each variation provides one of 4 possible carry levels.

Designed for use with MOLLE or PALs attachment systems. (body armor, belt, etc.)

Universal Sheath/Holster Molle Clip
Brand: G-CODE
Style: R1
Color: Tactical Black
Dimensions: (4.30 x 0.735 x 0.300) inches
Pre-Drilled: Yes (0.1875 inch diameter)
Mounting Holes: (3)
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Logo: Yes
Sold Individually

Includes (3) mounting posts and (3) mounting screws.



Manufacturer: G-CODE

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