Multi Mold­­®
Master Series Whole Weapon Mold
Holster Molding Prop

for Springfield Armory XDS 4.0

The Master Series Whole Weapon Mold is used for making thermoform plastic custom holsters with. It is made from from a special grade of plastic/urethane resin and is carefully sized and pre-prepped for maximum efficiency and weapon fit. With pre-blocked ejection ports, flattened-out sites, well defined trigger guards and more, these will greatly improve the holster making process, and will improve your finished results. Master Series molds are made in the USA with the professional holster maker in mind.

Manufacturer - Multi Mold­­®
Master Series - Whole Weapon Mold
Gun Model - Springfield Armory XDS 4.0

Finish - Matte


Manufacturer: Multi Mold®

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