Multi Mold®
Master Series Split/Whole Weapon Mold
Holster Molding Prop

for Taurus PT 111/140 G2

The Master Series Split-Mold/Whole-Mold Weapon forming prop is used for making thermoform plastic custom holsters. Using the optional Master Series Base Plate, this version allows for adjustable vacuum forming with 4 sizing widths. It features built in air channels for efficient vacuum pressure and can be used with any membrane-less vacuum press. This accommodates suppressor height sights, etc. The Master Series Split Mold can also function as a full weapon mold by being rejoined with the secondary side via magnets and alignment pins. This allows you to use this weapon mold in a pinch press for taco and sandwich style holsters as well.

Master Series molds are made in the USA with the professional holster maker in mind.

Manufacturer - Multi Mold®
Master Series - Split/Whole Weapon Mold
Gun Model - Taurus PT 111/140 G2

Finish - Matte

Note: Sample image shows separation point examples. Base plate sold separately.


Manufacturer: Multi Mold®

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