This AVSD1 step drill bit is designed to create the specialized mounting holes commonly used in sheath and holster attachments. This bit creates both the pilot hole and the recess for the screw or post head. These bits are designed to rigid specifications using High Speed Steel (HSS) and are very well made. We do not recommend using them on steel or metal. But they are perfect for PVC, KYDEX®, HOLSTEX®, Boltaron® and other similar materials. They cut a very clean and precise mounting hole in your material.

This is the step drill designed for creating mounting recesses for Chigago screws, TLMAB posts, slotted posts and other similar holster and sheath mounting assemblies.

HSS (High Speed Steel)
.430" Step x .205" Pilot

Note: Sample images below show resulting mounting hole created with the AVSD1 in a War-Loop™ belt loop attachment.


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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