Slotted Post Truss Head Attachment Mounting Assembly (SPTHA)
(0.125in (Large) Model)

Commonly called, "Black Chicago Screw Assemblies", these are black oxide coated slotted post truss head holster attachment mounting assemblies. We introduced these in the early 2000's for mounting belt clips and other common holster attachments, such as Tek-Loks, Combat Loops, FOMI clips, Flush mount clips, Molle locks and many more. This model is the 1/8 inch version. It is the perfect length for mounting holster and sheath attachments on .060 up to .093 Kydex, Holstex, Boltaron, and/or leather. The included 0.125 EPDM washer is the correct thickness for this size post assembly and will provide just enough cushion and grip for mounting thinner-style clip attachment fascias.

The 0.187 black oxide coated 8-32 truss head screw is another Holstex® brand exclusive and features the thinnest edge available on this type of design. This is vitally important when used for holster attachment mountings, or even in clothing or upholstery use, as the leading edge of the truss head screw is the surface most likely to cause irritation when rubbed against. In the kydex and leather holster making business, it is a standard rule of professionals who understand, "Any holster can look good, but only those that wear good will stand the test of time." Eliminating surface irritation drives all of our binding screw and post assembly designs.

Our black slotted post truss head holster attachment assemblies are used by professional kydex and leather holster makers and government holster contractors all over the world.

Slotted Post Truss Head Attachment Mounting Assembly
(0.125in (Large) Model)

Each SPTHA Assembly Includes:
(1) 0.125 inch Slotted Post (Black Coated)
(1) 0.250 inch Phillips Truss Head Screw (Black Coated)
(1) 0.125 inch EDPM Washer

(1 QTY = 1 SPTHA Assembly)


Manufacturer: HOLSTEX®

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