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Xtreme Form thermoform molding foam is a highly developed for holster making product from HOLSTEX®, Inc. This molding foam has been specifically engineered for use in press molding thermoform sheet materials like KYDEX®, HOLSTEX®, and Boltaron®. Unlike common Kydex press foam, this material has a much improved overall production performance in the gun holster fabrication cycle. Not only does it produce more detail in formed holster and sheath parts, but it is designed to last longer than other thermoform molding foams. It also greatly minimizes memory artifacts due to a superior chemical formulation. This kydex press foam can also be used on both sides, unlike other kydex press foam products.

We recommend Xtreme Form molding foam for use in our CKK-designed KYDEX® holster molding presses, as well as any DIY and homemade kydex pressing systems. If you want a superior KYDEX® molding effect, Xtreme Form is the standard for kydex-type thermoform molding applications.

HOLSTEX® Molding Foam - (Xtreme Form)
Thickness: 0.5" inch
Width: 8 inches
Length: 12 inches
Color: Black
Molding Detail: Very Best



Manufacturer: HOLSTEX®

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