Kydex, Holstex, Boltaron & Leather Holster Making Materials at carries a full line of KYDEX® presses and vacuum forming systems. Over the last 20 years, we have developed the number one selling steel design KYDEX® press systems in the 12" and 24" inch KYDEX® press. We also offer a KYDEX® pinch-forming press, sometimes referred to as the "Kydex Taco Press". Finally, we offer a full range of KYDEX® vacuum forming presses and replacement membranes for production KYDEX® holster making shops.

To support our KYDEX® presses, we offer a full range of DIY kydex press foam and kydex vacuum press membrane materials. From our Mega foam to the Xtreme foam variants, our kydex pressing foams are considered the best foam for KYDEX® presses ana are the premium standard in the holster making industry. Our KYDEX® press foams are used in every level of holster making, from professional kydex presses all the the way to DIY kydex presses, and even homemade kydex press designs.

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