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These are thermoform adhesives that bind two pieces of thermoform sheets together. E-Weld™ and M-Weld are a clear solvents that will join two thermoform plastic sheet surfaces like KYDEX™, HOLSTEX™, Boltaron™, and other PVC sheeting together in a bonded, yet flexible manner. Applying an even coating of these solvents on two opposing sheets will create a chemical reaction that will result in a clean, clear, yet substantially strong and flexible, semi-welded bond between the two plastic surfaces, resulting in a much stronger flex seam for holsters, sheaths, packs, clips, and other joined areas. Use these thermoform adhesives on your next project.
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E-Weld™ - KYDEX®/HOLSTEX®/Boltaron® - Bonding Solvent - Flexible - (4 Fl Oz)

PVC Bonding Solvent
Clear - Flexible Joint - (4 Fl Oz)

E-Weld™ is a clear solvent that will…

M-Weld™ - KYDEX®/HOLSTEX®/Boltaron® - Melding Solvent - Clear - Rigid - (4 Fl Oz)

PVC Melding Solvent
Clear - Rigid Joint - (4 Fl Oz)

M-Weld™ is a clear solvent…

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