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Tuckable Strut - Universal - (Drilled 1.5 cm)

These are universal, "tuckable" IWB struts. They allow you to carry your firearm (or other device) inside-the-waistband, while making it possible to wear your shirt in a tucked position. They are designed by NSR Tactical and made from a proprietary polymer material. They've undergone rigorous testing and are virtually indestructible.

This model is the pre-drilled 1.5cm variant. It features (3) IWB Loop mounting holes (with retention dimples) that are spaced at .375 inches and (3) lower mounting holes which are pre-drilled at 1.5cm spacing. The dimple feature minimizes loop rotation once the assembly is tightened. The standard 5 degree cant helps keep the mounted item pushed against the body. This is especially important for firearm mounts.

Tuckable Strut - Universal - Injection Molded
Loop Hole Spacing: (3) .375"
Pre-Drilled Lower Mount: Yes (3)/Spacing = 1.5 cm
Color: Tactical Black
Material: Proprietary Polymer
Dimensions: 4.75" x .75"
Sold Individually: Yes

Designed/Made in USA


Manufacturer: NSR Tactical

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