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The Universal Split Paddle System is designed and manufactured in the United States. This new paddle design was created to offer holster manufactures greater versatility in carry styles and ultimately more carry options for the end user. Molded from a high strength nylon polymer, the dual shank design provides unrivaled comfort in either standard or split configurations. The mounting holes/slots were crafted to cover a variety of different hole spacings.

Included with the Universal Split Paddle System are 2 keyed risers. These risers provide a solution for multiple holster styles & shapes by extending the Split Paddle away from the holster. Now you can get creative and mold a holster that allows the end user to choose their preferred carry method.

Universal Split Paddle System Configuration Modes:
1. Classic Paddle Mode (L+R sides interlock for traditional paddle carry)
2. Split Paddle Mode (Allows for paddle style carry options on pancake type holsters providing a level of stability not found elsewhere).

Universal Split Paddle System
Material: Nylon Polymer
Color: Black
Risers: Included
Made in the USA
Mounting Hardware Included: No

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