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This innovative mounting clip is an inside-the-waistband attachment that will work with or without a belt. It locks onto clothing with ease and unlocks itself before damaging what it was attached to. The Fabriclip 2.0 is a universal concealment clip that will work for almost any application, making it the go-to for your next project. The Fabriclip now comes with a concealment wing to further conceal your holster. This version of the Fabriclip™ comes with the T-Bar Concealment Wing. The T-Bar Wing is recommended if your holster features horizontal mounting holes near the top of the holster instead of vertical.

This value-priced combo is the 1-pack with mounting hardware included. Each Fabriclip™ comes with (2) AV-SP-250-BK slotted post, (2) Truss Head Phillips Drive Screw (AV-832THP-BK-4375), and (2) W-EPDM-500180125 washer. This mounting hardware setup is perfect for most applications.

Warfytr Equipment
Wing: T-Bar Concealment Wing
Color: Black
Pre-Drilled: Yes
(2.93 inches x 1.93 inches)
Sold Individually: Yes
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

Call (877-255-6433) for price breaks on larger quantities.


Manufacturer: Warfyter Equipment

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